So I decided to venture out yesterday to do something out of the ordinary for me. I drove off in search of something... What that was, I don't know for sure. I had this abstract idea in mind of finding some old abandoned structures and thought I'd just take some time to shoot "not people" for a change of pace.  

After quite a bit of driving old dirt roads I just about gave up hope of finding anything worth stopping for until I stumbled upon this little gem.  She sat atop a hill somewhere outside of Manhattan, Ks.  The bright sun was shining from behind the hollowed out home, as if to say "Please come see me! I'm so lonely..." 

 So.. I did. 

It was peaceful up there. The breeze was blowing softly , and you could hear the tall grasses rustling in the wind.  

As I made my way through the first layer of the entryway rubble I wondered how things end up this way.  Who lived here? Why did they up and leave? The air smelled stale and musty while the wallpaper fell peeling off the walls little by little.  Exposure to the elements and the pull of gravity over time had taken it's toll on this place.  Such a state of desolation.  I thought of the possible families that ate together in this kitchen. The mother who watches the kids through the window as she sweats over a stove in the heat of the summer.   What kind of plates hung on that rack? 

I imagine what the place looked like filled with life.  Noises of happy children running around the open fields out back.  I pictured them reading stories in the bedrooms, catching fireflies in the grasses. 

The doorknobs.. How many hands have turned them? It makes you think... So many times things happen for the last time and we don't realize it is the "last" at that moment. Did the final occupant leave knowing they'd not return this place?  Was the light switched off with the plan that it would never restore light to this home for the rest of it's days?  I'll never know.  

I went out looking for something old and though I didn't discover anything mind blowing I saw what things can look like if you let them go.  This house was someones home.  They worked hard for it at one point.  Until one day, they let it go.  This once freshly painted, wallpapered, and secured shelter was now nothing more than an abandoned, hollowed out vessel. It now only stood to shelter some birds and whatever other creatures felt like stopping by for a visit.  I am thankful for the welcoming invitation. It made me slow down and think for a bit. Something I've needed for a long time.  Thank you old adorable house.  Thanks for letting me capture you as you stand.  Your flaws, your emptiness... your reality.