Colt + Jennifer : A Surprise Proposal

 "I love you... not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you..." - unknown

First of all... Let me just begin this entry by saying it's not very often that a guy wants to pose for a photographer period... let alone at his own proposal to his girlfriend.  

Jennifer... I'm going to just throw this out there right now: HE IS A KEEPER!!!!  

Rewind about a month.  Colt came to me searching for someone to document this event for the two of them knowing that the woman he would soon call "fiancé" would probably like to have the  memory to look back on.  (so thoughtful!) We went back and forth for some time, plotting, planning... and discussing our options as far as how we were going to get away with this and keep it a secret from her.  I felt so bad! But at the same time, it was just necessary.  I felt sneaky but...  it worked like a charm. 

I was set up waiting for their arrival.  They walked over to the JC Nichols fountain at the Country Club Plaza, and they stopped along the way for a selfie or two. 

I watched for him to notice my location back in the distance, as they giggled and made their way to the area where I was hiding out. 

Right away I could tell that they were such an amazing young couple.  They met through a mutual friend at a halloween party.  Colt said, "I knew she was the one for me because everything was, and is, so easy with her."  You could tell that he knew just from the way he looked at her. 

They talked and smiled for a few minutes and though after the fact he spoke about his nerves, I couldn't tell one bit as I snapped away at their conversation and smiles.  At one point he starts to go down on one knee, and JUST as I was about to get a little teary eyed myself, she yanked him back up so quickly that I had to giggle instead.  He never even made it to the ground! :)  

 Are they not the cutest couple ever?! 

His plan worked like a charm.  He told her that since they've both been so busy lately, that they needed a little break and took a stroll around the area before dinner and she didn't even see it coming.  After a few tears and a beautiful embrace with the "Yes!" we were able to catch a few quick images before they went off to enjoy their evening as bride and groom to be :)  


Beautiful ring for a beautiful girl.  I am so thrilled for the both of you!  May your future be filled with health, happiness, and love.  Congratulations Jennifer and Colt and happy wedding planning!