Sweet Martha

Meet Sweet Martha... This singing/songwriting duo caught my attention through a friend and I fell in love immediately.   Kaitlyn's sweet, demure personality is the perfect contrast to Brad's intermittent jokes.  The bantering between the two alone is probably enough to keep anyone entertained but nothing beats the sound that Sweet Martha puts out.  If you can get to a show I'd highly recommend it! 


With the beautiful, buttery, voice of a songbird, Kaitlyn Mrasek doesn't miss a beat.  She met her soon to be band mate Bradley Rader at CMSU where she says, "I remember singing along to 'Til Kingdom Come' by Coldplay when he was playing guitar in one of the common rooms – probably trying to get girls – and I just started harmonizing with him. From there, he asked me to sing backup for a couple of gigs he was working on but never materialized."

Bradley Rader, guitarist and songwriter, had been keeping busy writing his own music while "adulting" and working a full time job.  Finally in 2012 the two came together again and began working on a cover set and building off of Brad's previously written music.   

Brad is not only an amazingly talented musician and singer... (I'd also like to point out the obvious fact that he can grow a killer beard!)  These two sound perfect together. You can listen for yourself at the end of this blog. Definitely push play on the links I've provided! 


These guys are worth checking out!  Now and again you can catch a set at a local venue so keep an eye on this duo....  They're going places :)  And in the meantime check out the videos!