Let's see... I'm all for writing about others, but when it comes to myself I'm not quite as excited BUT.. I'll give it a shot!  Hi! I'm Kelly :) So I'm a photographer, yes.  I'm also an artist, a full time single mother of a feisty 9 year old girl, (Hadley Grace) and a daredevil 19 month old son, Hayden.  I work full time for a large corporation while I "full time" daydream about being outside shooting!  If I'm not editing photos or working on my business I'm either working for "the man" or I'm running around cleaning up messes and changing diapers.

I love shooting anything and everything I can get my lens on but my passion is for the wedding.  Maybe it's because two of mine have failed and I love the idea of "love" and the whole newlywed/lovebird thing people have going on that makes it all seem so fairytale-like... I'm not sure but.. I think they are beautiful. Everything from the people and the flowers down to the shoes.  I also love the minor details that you may never have noticed before you saw the photo in an album. I strive to get creative candid shots of the most unexpected things.  I also LOVE shooting you and your children! Kids are so funny to me.  They can be in the foulest of moods and I somehow manage to get them to be rockstars for me and we always seem to pull it off.  Put me in a room with kids, and I will totally sink down to their level.  I have no shame! The more foolish I can act with them, the better we do at the shoot.  That whole, "If you can't beatem, joinem" thing - it TOTALLY works in photography.  Embarrassing? At times :)... But does it work? Always! 

How did I get into this business? Well I mentioned I'm an artist.  Art... is messy.  Kids.... are messy. When you combine the two, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a constant mess in your home.  Enter, the camera. I purchased my first DSLR in 2007.  My daughter was turning 1, and I wanted to try a new creative outlet, which also required less cleanup time. I played around with it for a while and fell in love.  When I went back to school I took a couple of classes, and then started learning as much as I could online until I felt comfortable enough to start taking on clients for my portfolio.  As I started meeting with clients and seeing their eyes perk up with delight upon viewing their images I REALLY started to love photography.  There is something about working with people who may not be the most comfortable in front of the camera, a bit self conscious, and watching them get so excited when they finally see that THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!  If I can make someone feel good about themselves then I have done my job.